Erinus Erephim

Half-orc enchanter of the Fallcrest Mages' Guild



An enchanter wizard, Erinus focuses on crowd control in combat, targeting the largest groups possible with spells that cause sleep, immobilization, disorientation and forced movement.


A true magic specialist, his most outstanding attribute is his high intelligence. The natural strength of his race also helps to mitigate a life spent primarily in scholarly pursuits.


Erinus has learned to deal with racism in the relative backwater of the Nentir Vale by being quiet, polite and observant of others and their motives. He is much more insightful and perceptive than his appearance would lead one to believe.

A hobbyist treasure hunter and archaeologist, Erinus has learned a thing or two about safely navigating dungeons, caverns, ruins and other such surroundings.

Like any good wizard, Erinus is well-versed in arcana and history, and he constantly looks to expand his knowledge through exploration and study.

Though he prefers to observe in social situations and hold his opinion unless asked, Erinus can use his magic abilities to persuade and befriend should the need arise.

He can also look quite intimidating when the occasion calls for it.


Erinus always has some interesting items stashed away in his satchel. He is a collector of lost relics and strange objects, and is constantly on the lookout for wondrous items. He enjoys things which surprise, amaze, and confound, both in and out of combat.



Orc and elves

Erinus hails from the realm of Eberron and is descended from a long line of half-orcish scholars, engineers and artificers.


Erinus has fey blood in his veins; his great-great grandmother is an Eladrin spell crafter. Erinus is a favorite of his great-great grandmother and spent much time with her as a young child. From her, he inherited his love of fey magic, his affinity for the arcane arts and his most prized possession: his orb.

Magic use

Erinus is primarily an enchanter, and casts a variety of fey illusions and beguilments to assist his allies. He is also a ritual caster, and earns his livelihood and keep at the Fallcrest Mages’ Guild by enchanting magic items.

His implement of choice is a family heirloom called the Orb of Erephim, given to him by his great-great grandmother.

Fighting Style

Erninus prefers to stay back from melee combat whenever possible, and is known to seek out positions that are elevated or concealed from which he can confuse and demoralize foes with his mind-bending spells.

When bloodied or harried, Erinus’ normally calm exterior gives way to orcish fury. In these cases, he can be seen charging angrily into foes, using the collection of daggers he is always equipped with to deal damage up close and personal.

Ernius takes loyalty and integrity seriously, and does his utmost to protect and assist his allies, going so far as to put himself in harm’s way to help a friend.

Personal life


He is an amateur archaeologist, and he first came to the Nentir Vale because the area’s violent history has left behind numerous ruins, battlegrounds, artifacts and other mysteries that have been lost to the tides of time and war.

Erinus is also interested in history of all periods and regions and is often found reading historical texts in his downtime. Whether because of his personal interest in history or his sense of mortality due to his race’s short life span, he avidly records his rituals, spells, adventures and expeditions in journals, believing that history is made by the living.

Briar   erinus small


Erinus was introduced to the party when he met Briar Thornhelm just after she had joined the Fallcrest Mages’ Guild. He took a liking to the brave little halfling right away, and they spend much of the journey talking shop and poring over magical or historical tomes. In combat, they set up powerful chains of combined spellcraft and watch each other’s backs.


Erinus is typically quiet and collected. He prefers action over words and gets exasperated when plans are deliberated for too long.

He has little patience for whining, but great respect for those who are upright and loyal.


Erinus believes that the fey god of arcane arts, Corellon, watches over his enchantment-weaving, and that he does not hold Erinus’ orcish heritage against him.


The Fist of Emirikol

Erinus has been searching for a lost artifact, known as the Fist of Emirikol, which once belonged to a battle mage of the same name. His research had lead him to believe that the object is hidden in the Sword Barrow on the Gray Downs, but multiple expeditions have failed to uncover it.

Guide to the Gray Downs

Erinus was tasked with leading the adventuring party to the Gray Downs and back by his guildmaster, Nimozran the Green. Shortly after setting out, the party was robbed of the item they were to take to the Gray Downs, and were forced to pursue the lost goods to the Barony of Harkenwold.

Erinus Erephim

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