Iron Circle

Iron circleThe mysterious Iron Circle mercenaries came to the Nentir Vale from the south roughly two months ago. Their mission: bring the Nentir Vale to heel.

Overt operations started in the relatively isolated Barony of Harkenwold. Nazin Redthorn is the leader of the Iron Circle forces seizing the region.

About seven weeks ago, Nazin led a large band of Iron Circle mercenaries into Harkenwold in a surprise attack. The brigands stormed Harken Keep and took Baron Stockmer captive. Iron Circle sweeps and raids soon quelled any show of resistance, leaving Harkenwold a conquered land.

The new bandit “authorities” are pillaging Harkenwold through “tolls” and confiscations, harshly punishing anyone who resists.

Nazin is further strengthening his hold by negotiating with other malignant forces. In particular, he used some of the loot he plundered from Harkenwold’s suffering populace to buy the friendship of a group of odious bullywugs.

Iron Circle

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