Population 212 (town) 60 (keep)


The village of Harken is the largest settlement in Harkenwold. Nazin Redthorn currently governs Harkenwold from Baron Stockmer’s castle, which he’s renamed Iron Keep.
Someone in Albridge may have more useful information about Harken village.



John Stockmer has been the Baron of Harkenwold for the last 40 years. Currently, he is imprisioned in his own dungeon by the Iron Circle.


Although Harken village is provincial by most standards, it is the hub of trade and information in Harkenwold.

Points of Interest

  1. Iron Keep (Harken Keep)
  2. The Broken Gaol
  3. Cliffside Brewery
  4. Old Kellar’s House
  5. Grimbold’s House
  6. Tower of Green Flame
  7. Harkenwold Trading Station
  8. House of Faith
  9. Nonnie’s Place


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