Game rules

Standard Rules

Our game is played by Dungeons & Dragons (4th Edition) Essentials rules.

D&D 4th Edition, or ‘4E’ (non-Essentials) items, powers, classes, races, etc are allowed with the DM’s approval.

House Rules

Bonus tokens

Your DM gives out 2 types of bonus tokens: White +1 tokens and Black +2 tokens (combo tokens).
White and Black tokens can be added to any die roll to modify the result and you can stack up as many tokens as you have. I won’t let you waste a token if it doesn’t result in a success.

You can earn White +1 and Black +2 tokens by answering extra credit questions that get sent out via Beluga (also found here), with smart tactical combat, with good roleplaying, by furthering your character’s story, or generally doing things that amuse and delight the DM.

You will also get a Black +2 combo token once you’ve collected 3 White +1 tokens. Here, hoarding pays off.

Table rules

Our table is pretty relaxed, but there are a few guidelines.

  • Be on time. If you arrive 15 minutes late or more, the DM can impose a twisted, sadistic penalty of her choice on your character. If it’s your turn to make dinner, you can come as early as 6pm to prep the food. We aim to be ready to eat at 7pm.
  • Be prepared. Make sure you have your character sheet, power and item cards, mini, dice and a pencil. There’s usually stuff to borrow if you forget, and the DM will gladly store your character sheet and power cards safely for you between sessions. If you’re interested in managing your character sans paper, talk to me and I’ll help you out.
  • Maintain your character. When we level up, you need to have your character leveled before the first session at the new level. Otherwise you get to play with the lower-level version of your character until you get it done, we won’t wait for you. I’ll try to set a time with everyone to come use the Character Builder to level and get their questions answered, so please work with me to make time for it.
  • BYOB. Adventuring demands ale, wine and spirits. Feel free to bring your preferred poison.
  • Be ready to listen. Chat about all the non-game stuff at the table you want, providing the DM does not have to resort to polymorphing you to get your attention. It ain’t pretty.
  • Put away distractions. No cell phone or gadget use at the table unless it’s for the game. Duh.
  • Keep combat moving. Think about your next turn, roll your damage and attack dice at the same time, and generally try not to let your turn drag on.
  • Play in character. When in doubt, What Would You Character Do?

Game rules

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