Feeding the Kitty

Next up on the buy list

Treasurepile shot hugest wide

  1. 1 month D&D Insider membership (this includes the Character Builder we use to level up)
    Cost: $10.81
  2. 1 month Obsidan Portal Ascendant membership (this would give us access to DM/Player secrets; very important for building your character’s story, campaign calendar and forum, more storage for images, up to 10 campaign maps a search feature, and email notifications). I can do a free trial of this to see if we like the features, but right now I don’t think enough of you use the wiki regularly. Let me know what you think.
    Cost: $5
  3. Threats to Nentir Vale (includes an adventure ideas and settings, more poster maps, tokens and the Nentir Vale ‘Monster Manual’.
    Estimated cost: $35

Past & Recent purchases:

  1. 1 month D&D Insider membership (this includes the Character Builder we use to level up)
    Cost: $10.81
  2. Monster Vault (includes the Cairn of the Winter King adventure module, more poster maps, tokens and the Monster Manual (a ‘bestiary’ book).
    Cost: $21
  3. Madness at Gardmore Abbey (includes an adventure module, more poster maps, tokens and the Deck of Many Things (a Tarot-deck-like wondrous item that plays an important role in the adventure).
    Cost: $28
  4. Level 4 character sheets and power cards for the group + Quickstart Rules
    Cost: $15
  5. Clear page protectors for character sheets
    Cost: $3
  6. Card sleeves for power cards Thanks JZ!
    Cost: $4
  7. 1 month D&D Insider membership (this includes the Character Builder we use to level up) Thanks JZ!
    Cost: $10.81
  8. 1 month D&D Insider membership (this includes the Character Builder we use to level up) Thanks Jaq!
    Cost: $10.81
  9. Map materials for multi-level encounters! Thanks Rikki!
    Cost: $7.50 + elbow grease + craftiness
  10. Paizo dry-erase flip mat (for custom encounters and locations) Thanks Rikki!
    Cost: $12.50
  11. Card sleeves for power cards Thanks Tiffany!
    Cost: $11
  12. Adventurer’s Vault book
    Cost: $15


What is Kitty Food?

I ask that you put money in “the kitty” every month to keep the game running smoothly, and fund some useful tools for both players and the DM. It’s mostly about making all the management that goes into the game quicker and cleaner. You can think of it like owning a share in our little adventuring company.

What’s the cost?

Kitty food costs $10 per player, per month, due by the first session of the month (this helps your DM plan ahead). Any additional contributions are gratefully accepted.

What is it for?

Kitty food helps offset some basic costs for the DM, such as printing and laminating costs, poster maps, dungeon tiles, rulebooks, adventure modules, lots of foamboard, wet/dry erase markers and so on. And it keeps gruesome 2D monsters on pretty maps coming your way. That’s important.

How else can I help?

Contributions in excess of the basic “dues” are much appreciated. Contributions of materials are also helpful. Things like foamboard, cardstock, x-acto blades, dry/wet erase markers, index cards and so on are common consumables. Kinko’s cards with any amount of funds on them would also be a useful and welcome contribution.

If you’d like to buy an item or items for the game such as a book, module or something else from the buy list, let me know!

Do you or your friends buy board games, miniatures, Magic the Gathering cards, dice or other nerdy stuff? You can save money and help the group at the same time by organizing a purchase from Cool Stuff Inc. Cool Stuff Inc sells games, D&D supplies, minis and more at 25% – 40% or more off of retail prices and a $100 order ships free, so it pays to combine orders. This is a great way to get chunks of stuff for the game at a discount.

If you’re strapped for cash, or you’d just rather get crafty, I can usually use help with labor and game prep. Let me know if you’d like to help out and I’ll put you to work!

What else do I get?

These are a couple cool digital tools made possible by kitty food:

Obsidan Portal $5 monthly, $25 bi-annually or $40 yearly

This wiki and information hub includes all the info about the game, both in-character and out-of-character. People, places, plots, adventures, loot and the nearest watering hole are all right here.

D&D Insider $10 monthly, $25 quarterly or $72 yearly

D&D Insider is a set of tools offered by Wizards of the Coast that makes creating characters and adventures easier, and saves me (and you too) a lot of typing by connecting with other tools I already use to run the game at the table. If you’re interested in managing your character with your web-enabled phone or online, talk to me about it and I will help you get set up. Makes a great paper sheet backup :) We also use this tool to level up and generate power cards with your attack and damage rolls pre-calculated.

For players:
Character Builder
Dragon Magazine (monthly pdf issues)
The D&D Compendium

For the DM:
D&D Compendium
Monster Builder
Dungeon Magazine

Feeding the Kitty

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