Extra Credit Questions

This week’s extra credit question:

What do you feel most strongly about and why?

What are extra credit questions?

Most weeks, your DM will pose an extra credit question to the group. These questions are meant to help you explore and build your character’s background and personality. You don’t want the NPC’s to be more interesting than you, right?

You can save your answers to extra credit questions on your character page, a great way to build up your characters’ profile.

Answering the question will earn you a White +1 token, and an answer that particularly impresses or amuses the DM will earn you a Black +2 token. White tokens earned from extra credit count toward black combo tokens. These questions can be a great way to build up a cache of tokens that can mean the difference between life and death.

Depending on the question, your DM may decide to give XP for answers instead!

Extra credit questions are posted here, and they also go out via Facebook Messenger.

Also see: Game rules for more info on bonus tokens

Previous extra credit questions:

What is your character’s first memory?

What does your character do when she is bored? How does she feel if she can’t do that? What does she do instead?

What is the scariest thing your character has ever experienced? Do you think there’s anything out there scarier than that? What do you think that would be?

Describe a bad habit your character has. Does she plan to get rid of it?

How did you character come to be in the Nentir Vale? Was she born here? If so, where? Did she travel here from another realm or another plane? Did she arrive here for work, personal business, or some other reason?

Imagine your character as a little one, pre-adventuring days. When they were a whippersnapper, what was their favorite toy to play with? Remember, kids can make toys out of anything, so get creative and think like your character!

You and your character are trapped in an elevator. How do the two of you pass the time/escape?

What is your character’s height, weight, hair color, eye color and age?

What is your character’s most prized possession and why?

What is your character’s family like, and where are they now?

Extra Credit Questions

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