Thursday Knights in Nentir Vale

The Story so Far...
What our heroes have been up to since the start of the campaign

This section needs some help! I don’t remember everything that’s happened since we started playing, and some of my notes are scattered and could use some fleshing out (and probably correction!). So, please add to this section! -Nisha

Well our adventurers have had a rough ride getting here! They’ve been through an underground dungeon, discovered a nasty secret, got sent on a dangerous mission, were robbed on the highway and are now currently leading a small revolution in the Barony of Harkenwold. How did all of this happen? It started when a cleric walked into a tavern…

Naivara Feycrown’s solo adventures

Caravan attacked
Ghost Tower on the Witchlight Fens
Recruiting a party

Party Adventures

The Twisting Halls

Traevus’ Secret
Highway Robbery
Toadwallow Caverns
Giving the Iron Circle a taste of their own medicine
The Rebellion and the Battle of Albridge
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