Thursday Knights in Nentir Vale

The Defenders of Harkenwold Return Triumphantly

It's good to be a hero

This was the session where the party cleared out the rest of Iron Keep and in so doing discovered that there is a shadowy figure heading up the Iron Circle who is probably now alerted to the party’s activities and identities.

The party also found that the keep chapel had been defiled and not only did they purge the evil presence there, they did what they could to set the temple to rights and appease the offended gods.

Our adventurers also found some small animals that had been used for blood magic rituals, among which was a tiny fire lizard, near to death. Naivara Feycrown patched the little thing up, and it took quite a shine to our evoker, Briar (maybe she smells like sulfur from all that fire magic?), and is now happily riding about on her shoulder as a familiar.

Anyone else care to fill in what they remember from the adventure?



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