Thursday Knights in Nentir Vale

Rescuing Dar Gremath

The party races to save the leader of the rebellion

Iron circleAs the party ran to help Dar Gremath, they encountered a new and hostile face: Nazin Redthorn, leader of the Iron Circle!

Redthorn planned to put down the heroes and put and end to the rebellion once and for all. Backed up by a squad of soldiers and more loathsome tar devils, the Iron Circle battled fiercely, nearly taking out Erinus. and peppering the party with flaming tar as the soldiers closed and Redthorn dealt out painful punishment with his flail.

The Knights held fast; Briar terrorized the enemy with fire and phantom beast, while Florula’s deadly crossbow bolts found mark after mark. Ryvin cleaved a bloody swath through the foot soliders, and she and Naivara Feycrown traded ringing blows with Redthorn as the cleric’s shield protected them. Erinus escaped death long enough to slow their foes’ advance, his fey magic confusing and disorienting them.

Redthorn, in cowardly fashion, escaped on his charger, leaving his scattered forces to die. He surely plans to make good on his threat to end the Knights once and for all.

Rangers ithilienWith Dar Gremath in danger, the party had to let Redthorn go for the time being. They rushed the edge of the forest to find Dar Gremath not only unharmed, but having wiped out the entire pursuing Iron Circle force. It seems his unit’s retreat was a ruse to draw the Iron Circle troops into a Woodsinger ambush.

Dar Gremath thanked the group for cutting off the Iron Circle reinforcements and for their brave deeds that day which helped turn the tide of the battle. The Harkenwolders routed the Iron Circle and sent them packing, winning a huge victory for the rebellion.

The party then retired to the Mallard Inn in Albridge once more, to regroup and make plans to take back Harken Keep.

Viva La Revolucion!

Bonus Tokens: Florula and Briar each earned a White +1 token for tactical combat. Everyone earned a White +1 token for answering this week’s extra credit question, except Florula, who got a Black +2 token for her answer.

Session loot and XP:

Loot: Assorted weapons, armor and ammunition looted from the Iron Circle soldiers, being held by Erinus.

XP: 210 XP each.



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