Thursday Knights in Nentir Vale

Breaking Through Enemy Lines

Our heroes get battered in the Battle of Albridge

Reavers tar devilA frantic messenger asked the party to come quickly to assist Dar Gremath, whose unit was beating a hasty retreat from pursuing Iron Circle forces.

On the way to provide reinforcements, the party was engaged by a small unit of Iron Circle cutthroats and a dark adept, which was backed up by a new and surprisingly nasty threat: tar devils!

The tar devils ensnared foes in their tarry nets, and pulled them into their reeking hot aura.

The party suffered greatly, and things looked very grim for our heroes, but we eventually prevailed against the Iron Circle forces.

We gathered up all of the usable weapons and armor into Erinus’ bag of holding, intending to give them to the rebels to help outfit their forces.

Now, we must rush to Dar Gremath’s aid before it is too late!

Bonus Tokens: Everyone in the party got a White +1 token for making it through a particularly nasty encounter, and a blue Action Point for reaching a milestone (2 encounters in a row).

Session loot and XP:

Loot: Assorted weapons, armor and ammunition looted from the Iron Circle soldiers, being held by Erinus.

XP: 150 XP each.



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